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Delivering over 2,800 healthy babies for over 28 years

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About Dr. Heather McLeod

Dr. Heather McLeod offers family practice services with a focus in obstetrics in North Vancouver for families on the North Shore and Lower Mainland.

Dr. McLeod has been a clinical instructor in Family Practice for UBC since 2008.  She is member of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC and Fellow of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Having an experienced family doctor following a pregnancy means the medical expertise is there to diagnose and treat any medical conditions that coexist with the pregnancy. Dr. McLeod can determine if maternal health needs further monitoring, order any investigations that a mom or baby needs and determine what is normal or not - with the essential knowledge and training in all medical fields.

Medical Services

Dr. McLeod and her well-rounded team of healthcare professionals treats each patient with compassion & dignity and an ear for each patient's health concerns.

Services are delivered with quality and care. Focused on obstetrics, here is a list of featured services Dr. McLeod and her medical team provides.

Labour & Delivery

  • Fetal monitoring
  • Delivery preparation
  • OB/GYN services
  • Pain control options
  • Post delivery care

Pre/Post Natal

  • Fertility
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition & Diet Counselling
  • Breastfeeding

Family Medicine

  • Primary Care Services
  • Pediatrics
  • IUD Insertion
  • Birth control Counselling
  • Mole removal


Thank you so much for brining our beautiful baby girl into the world. We are so fortunate to have had such a wonderful doctor like you - at times we felt we were your only patient and that means the world!!

Johanne, Pascal

Thank you so much for taking care of our sweet little Zoya! We appreciate your personal approach, compassion and positive attitude.

Tatyana, Shawn and Zoya

Thanks you so much for being such a fantastic doc, and for making Benjamin's delivery experience exceptional!

Kevin, Tracy, Kole + Benjamin

I honestly believe that if we had another doctor, she wouldn't have come naturally.  You truly are so good at what you do.  Thanks for everything, we are so blessed to now have you as our family doctor.

Page, Chris, & Aria


Dr. McLeod is very happy to educate and supply materials and answer questions during your appointment.  She strives to help her patients have as natural a delivery as possible through knowledge of nutrition, exercise and the patient's body.
Overview of Prenatal Care
What to expect at each visit and what tests are ordered when.
Baby's Best Chance by the BC Ministry of Health
A guide to prenatal care, delivery and aftercare published by the BC Ministry of Health. It is also available in many languages.
Public Genetic Screening in British Columbia
Prenatal genetic screening can tell a pregnant woman her chance of having a baby with abnormalities.
Medication Safety & Substance Use During Pregnancy
Wondering what to you is safe to consume and what is not during your pregnancy? This is a great site that can answer most of your questions.
Private Genetic Screening
First trimester screening (completed by 12 weeks) by Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine.
Prenatal in a nutshell and Breastfeeding classes
Astrid Blackburn was a labor and delivery nurse for 25+ years at LGH and I recommend her breastfeeding class.
Why is Vaccination Important?
Here is a list of resources that will help you understand the importance of vaccination for your child.
Checklist for Your Child's Vaccination Routine
Stay on top of your child's routine immunization schedule by using this free checklist.
Immunization Schedule for B.C. Infants and Children
This schedule lists all vaccines that are provided free to children in British Columbia who are between the ages of 0 and 6.
Vancouver Breastfeeding Centre
I highly recommend the VBC, they are a group of experienced doctors who can help you troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues.
Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Questionnaire
With lack of sleep, feeling blue is normal. You can work through this questionnaire and discuss it during your appointment with Dr. McLeod.


Here are some of the commonly asked questions received from patients
Why Dr. Heather McLeod?

Dr. McLeod has delivered over 2000 babies and is very experienced which adds to her training to ensure you are happy with your pregnancy and delivery.  You feel like you are her only patient even when she is busy. She has just completed the "More OB" course with over 50 hours of online and practice drill training.  She does over 50 hours continuing medical education training a year.

She loves her job!  She sets you up for success with breastfeeding (if you wish) and a healthy baby.

Healthy baby = Happy life.

Why choose a family doctor for your delivery?

A family doctor is a wonderful balance of  experience and medical school training (a science degree, then 4 years of medical school plus a 2 year residency in family medicine and over 100 deliveries before even graduating!)

This equips This equips us to recognize medical/obstetrical problems early while adding the personal touch of knowing your family and history well and attending to your birth.  After all, it is nice to know who is attending your birth (with over 90% certainty).

What are your hours/days of work?

Monday, Thursday, Friday 10 am – 4 pm

Tuesday 2pm – 8pm

On occasion, one Saturday am monthly during busy seasons.

What is the office like?

The office is conveniently located at the corner of Lonsdale Street and 11th Avenue in North Vancouver.  Sharing the same new building as Club 16 Fitness, North Van Medical is a bright, clean environment with a lot of baby pics on the wall and other helpful information. 

The exam beds are set at the optimal height to determine baby position so you are not surprised when you come into the hospital in labour.  The home environment may be convenient  but a proper pelvic/abdominal exam  to determine where the baby is situated is essential .

When do I go to the hospital?

When your contractions are 5 minutes apart and 1 minute in length OR when your water breaks.  The nurses sill contact Dr. McLeod after they admit you. (Note: this applies to your 1st baby)

What do I do if I am bleeding?

If < 20 weeks and blood the size of a loonie .  Proceed to the Emergency Room. 

If > 20 weeks and a loonie size on a pad .  Call Lions Gate Hospital and proceed to labour delivery room on the third floor and they will contactDr. McLeod after they see you.

What if you are on holiday when I deliver?

I have a wonderful group of 4 female doctors who have provided call coverage for each other for over 15 years now.   We all try to deliver our own patients wherever possible.  In my case, this is > 90% of the deliveries.  The call group is located with-in a couple blocks of the office and hospital.

Do you work with Doulas?

Definitely.  Some families like in-home support so this accomplishes the best of both worlds. A lot of couples don't feel they need it.  Prenatal classes often give couples the confidence they need. Totally up to you.

You have 1:1 nursing in labour.  The nurses can help with breastfeeding as well on the post partum ward.  We all work as a team. 

Why Lion’s Gate Hospital?

LGH has a great team of doctors, nurses that just completed the the x obs course – over 50 hours of course work and practical skills completed in March 2016.  For the most part, private rooms are typical in post partum.

When do you come to see me in labour?

I always come after your admission to see how you and your baby are doing.  I monitor how you are coping and answer your questions at that time.  Sometimes I’ll stay onsite and other times, I’ll leave and return if you need more time.  Sometimes I sleep at the hospital to be close by if needed.

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